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Used Tires in Bolton, ON

Used Tires

Welcome to Rim & Tire Pro in Bolton, Ontario! Here, we offer a great solution for your car – high-quality used tires. These tires are a smart choice for many drivers because they’re affordable and good for the environment. Some people believe buying used isn’t safe, but we at Rim & Tire Pro ensure high quality used tires.

Used tires have several benefits, but can be problematic when purchasing directly from an owner. Trust us to take away the risk by inspecting and certifying tires for you. Read on to learn about how we sell used tires at Rim & Tire Pro and their benefits!

Benefits of Choosing Recycled Tires

Though the title “used” isn’t the most appealing, that doesn’t take away from the high quality of these tires. Choosing recycle tires has a number of perks, this includes but is not limited to:

  • Saving Money: One of the best things about used tires is that they cost less than new ones. You can get the tires you need without spending a lot.
  • Helping the Environment: Recycling tires is also good for the planet. It means fewer new tires need to be made, and less tire waste is created.
  • Reliable Quality: We make sure all the recycled tires we sell are in good shape. This means you can trust them to be safe and work well on your car.

Quality Assurance: Our Used Tire Inspection and Certification Process

We take the quality of our used tires very seriously at Rim & Tire Pro. Our inspection process includes:

  • Careful Checks: Our team looks over each tire closely. We check for any big wear or damage and make sure the tire is still in good shape. We won’t sell you a tire with a puncture or a low tread depth.
  • Tread Depth: It’s important that the tires have enough tread (the grooves on the tire) for safe driving. We check this on all our used tires. We’ll let you know the tread depth on each tire for sale.
  • Testing for Leaks: We also test the tires to make sure they don’t have any leaks and are strong enough for regular use.

A Wide Selection of Used Tires for Every Need

We’re proud to have a big selection of over 2500 used tires, for all kinds of vehicles and all kinds of seasons!

  • Tires for All Seasons: Whether you need tires for winter snow or something for all-year use, we have all kinds of options. You’ll find a wide selection of all-season tires, winter tires, and more.
  • Different Sizes and Brands: Our range includes various sizes and brands, so you can find the perfect match for your car.
  • Good Condition: We promise that all our used tires are in good shape, so you get a great mix of safety, performance, and value.

A Smart Choice for Budget-Conscious Drivers

Our used tires are a great option if you’re trying to save money. Tire prices generally have a sharp drop once they’re used, even though they may still have a long life ahead.

  • Affordable Upkeep: Keeping your car in good shape doesn’t have to be expensive. Our used tires are a great way to do this without spending too much.
  • Good for Lease Returns: They’re also a smart choice if you’re returning a leased car and don’t want to buy brand new tires.

Installation and Maintenance of Used Tires

We do more than just sell tires. We also offer expert installation and helpful tips.

  • Professional Installation: Our team will put your used tires on carefully, making sure they’re set up right for the best performance.
  • Wheel Alignment: We’ll make sure your wheels are aligned and ready to drive.
  • Tire Pressure: We’ll make sure each of your tires is properly inflated to keep your ride comfortable.
  • Tips for Upkeep: We’ll give you advice on how to take care of your used tires, like checking the air pressure and getting them rotated regularly.

Rim & Tire Pro: Your Trusted Source in Bolton, ON for Quality Used Tires

Rim & Tire Pro is your go-to place for great used tires in Bolton, ON. Whether you need winter tires, tires for all seasons, or something special, our team is here to help you find what you need for your car.

In short, choosing used tires from us is a smart decision for both your wallet and the environment. With our big selection, strict quality checks, and expert installation, you can be sure you’re getting tires that are both affordable and reliable. Come visit us and see how we can help you with your tire needs!


All our used tires are inspected and certified

Used tires help keep tires RECYCLED and out of our landfills

Save HUNDREDS over the cost of new tires

Emergency tire puncture/flat replacement

We GUARANTEE every used tire. If defective, we will replace or refund it

Excellent solution for tire replacement on lease returns

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